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Little Box Of Bossa Nova - Various Artists (3 CDs)

Little Box Of Bossa Nova - Various Artists (3 CDs)

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Bossa Nova ("the new trend") was ignited in the USA by the release, in February 1962, of the Verve Records album Jazz Samba - an inspired collaboration by tenor saxophonist Stan Getz and guitarist Charlie Byrd. The album was comprised entirely (save for one cut) of songs written by Brazilian songwriters then unknown to the American public. The album's attractive meld of an addictive but gentle, Brazilian-inspired groove with mellifluous jazz soloing resulted in a tasteful and highly accessible confection that the American public found irresistible - so much so that they bought it in their millions and by September 1962 the album had risen to pole position on Billboard's Top 200 pop albums list, and ended up spending 70 weeks on the chart. Jazz Samba also spawned a hit in the shape of the Anton Jobim composition, 'Desafinado,' which reached No. 15 on the US singles chart and grabbed itself a Grammy for Best Jazz Performance. The rest, as they say, is history. This 3 x CD box set collects together ninety Bossa Nova classics by both Brazilian and American musicians and performers and includes both the familiar - 'Desafinado,' 'Bossa Nova USA,' 'Soul Bossa Nova' et al - alongside the less successful but equally joyous numbers from the likes of Joao Gilberto, Silvia Telles, Herbie Mann and numerous others. In completion this box set is quite possibly the best Bossa Nova collection available, covering as it does the scenes from the early 1960s - when 'the new trend' was all the rage - in both it's homeland of Brazil and in it's adopted territory, the USA.

Disc: 1
1. Lamento No Morro (Luiz Bonfa & Roberto Paiva)
2. Outra Vez (Sergio Mendes )
3. Fotografia (Silvia Telles )
4. Mulher, Sempre Mulher (Luiz Bonfa & Roberto Paiva )
5. Meditacao (Maysa )
6. Influencia Do Jazz (Carlos Lyra)
7. Outra Vez (Elizete Cardoso)
8. Inquietacao (Luiz Bonfa)
9. O Barquinho (Joao Gilberto)
10. Eu Preciso De Voce (Luiz Eca, Astor Silva & The Astor Silva Group)
11. Discussao (Silvia Telles)
12. Um Nome De Muhler (Luiz Bonfa & Roberto Paiva)
13. Meditacao (Isaura Garcia)
14. Comigo E Assim (Donato E Seu Conjunto)
15. Tereza Da Praia (Dick Farney & Lucio Alves )
16. Corcovado (Silvia Telles)
17. Mambinho (Joao Donato E Seu Conjunto)
18. Vai Querer (Elizete Cardoso)

Disc: 2
1. Desafinado (Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd)
2. Soul Bossa Nova (Quincy Jones)
3. Bossa Nova Usa (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
4. Clouds (Cannonball Adderley (W/ The Bossa Rio Sextet Of Brazil))
5. Amor Em Paz (Herbie Mann)
6. Samba Da Borboleta (Bud Shank & Clare Fischer)
7. In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town (Dizzy Gillespie)
8. O Pato (The Duck) (Coleman Hawkins)
9. Vai Querer (Cal Tjader)
10. O Nosso Amor (Vince Guaraldi Trio)
11. Shu Shu (Ike Quebec)
12. Corcovado (Ike Quebec)
13. Samba De Orfeu (Charlie Rouse)
14. Brazil (Grant Green)
15. Acertate Mas (Laurindo Almeida & Bud Shank)
16. The Wave (Lalo Schifrin)
17. Melancolico (Stan Getz)
18. Recado Bossa Nova Part 1 (Zoot Sims)
19. One Note Samba (George Shearing )
20. Ginha (Dave Pike)
21. Meditacao (Charlie Byrd)

Disc: 3
1. Chega De Saudade (Joao Gilberto)
2. Lobo Bobo (Joao Gilberto)
3. Brigas, Nunca Mais(Joao Gilberto)
4. Ho-Ba-La-La (Joao Gilberto)
5. Saudade Fez Um Samba (Joao Gilberto)
6. Maria Ninguem (Joao Gilberto)
7. Desafinado (Joao Gilberto)
8. Rosa Morena(Joao Gilberto)
9. Morena Boca De Ouro (Joao Gilberto)
10. Bim Bom (Joao Gilberto)
11. Aos Pes Da Cruz (Joao Gilberto)
12. E Luxo So (Joao Gilberto)
13. Samba De Una Nota So (Joao Gilberto)
14. Doralice (Joao Gilberto)
15. So Em Teus Bracos (Joao Gilberto)
16. Trevo De Quatro Folhas (Joao Gilberto)
17. Se E Tarde, Me Perdoa(Joao Gilberto)
18. Um Abraco No Bonfa(Joao Gilberto)
19. Meditacao(Joao Gilberto)
20. O Pato (Joao Gilberto)
21. Corcovado(Joao Gilberto)
22. Discussao (Joao Gilberto)
23. Amor Certinho(Joao Gilberto)
24. Outra Vez (Joao Gilberto)
25. O Samba Da Minha Terra (Joao Gilberto)
26. O Barquinho (Joao Gilberto)
27. Bolinha De Papel (Joao Gilberto)
28. Saudade Da Bahia(Joao Gilberto)
29. A Primeira Vez(Joao Gilberto)
30. O Amore Em Paz(Joao Gilberto)
31. Voce E Eu (Joao Gilberto)
32. Trem De Ferro (Trenzinho) (Joao Gilberto)
33. Coisa Mais Linda (Joao Gilberto)
34. Presente De Natal (Joao Gilberto)
35. Insensatez (Joao Gilberto)
36. Este Seu Olhar(Joao Gilberto)
37. Manha De Carnival (Joao Gilberto)
38. Medley: O Nosso Amor/a Felicidade (Joao Gilberto)

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