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They Also Sang with Dorsey

They Also Sang with Dorsey

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Frank Sinatra wasn't the only great singer to perform with Tommy Dorsey; this 25-track CD makes the case that his band was one of THE great places for vocal talent in the swing era! Includes (all with the Dorsey band) Blue Rain Jack Leonard; Got No Time Edythe Wright; I Wouldn't Take a Million Connie Haines; Somebody Loves Me Pied Pipers; Sleigh Ride in July Bonnie Lou Williams, and more from the Clark Sisters, Stuart Foster, Audrey Young, Town Criers, Denny Dennis, Sonny Calello, Vee-Tones and other Dorsey vocalists.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Got No Time
2. Blue Rain
3. Am I Proud?
4. I Wouldn't Take a Million
5. Somebody Loves Me
6. Sleigh Ride in July
7. Any Old Time (I'm Feeling Blue)
8. Like a Leaf in the Wind
9. Kate
10. Baby, Baby All the Time
11. Tonight We Love
12. Moon Love
13. Our Love
14. Some Things Will Never Change
15. Walk It Off
16. You Can't Make Money Dreaming (Or I'd Be a Millionaire)
17. While the Angelus Was Ringing
18. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
19. Twilight
20. The Knock Song (I Hear You Knockin')
21. Nice to Know You Care
22. I Ought to Know More About You
23. Happy Feet
24. No Other Love
25. I'm Getting Sentimental over You

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