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Grand Tour: Trio Settecento


"An Italian Sojourn"

"A German Bouquet"

"A French Soiree"

"An English Fancy"

Trio Settecento

The sublime early-instrument ensemble Trio Settecento (1700s Trio) has taken listeners on an unprecedented country-by-country Grand Tour of the European Baroque through a series of four recordings, issued individually between 2007 and 2012. Each album provides an in-depth exploration of the musical styles of a single country - Italy, Germany, France, England. Now, the entire critically acclaimed series is available as a specially priced boxed set.

Trio Settecento brings fresh insights to music from the Age of Enlightenment through its passionate, authoritative and distinctive interpretations. The trio of Billboard chart-topping violinist Rachel Barton Pine, cellist and violist da gamba John Mark Rozendaal, and harpsichordist and organist David Schrader perform music by composers likely to be familiar to even casual fans of Baroque music. But they also proceed to offer a wealth of delightful discoveries by composers less well known

'An Italian Sojourn' focuses on the Italian and Italian-influenced composers who were enamoured with the newly emergent solo “voice” of the violin.

On 'A German Bouquet', Trio Settecento takes listeners beyond the music of Bach and Buxtehude. While the CD includes works by those two giants of the German Baroque, it also offers rarely heard repertoire by composers who were among the greatest German violinists of the era.

Trio Settecento captures the poetic gestures of the Gallic school on 'A French Soirée', a program that illuminates divergent cultural sensibilities of Baroque France. Some works illustrate the regal, socially conservative and authoritarian aesthetic of the court of Louis XIV. Others, which would have been heard in the salons of disaffected nobles and wealthy merchants, reflect a more free-spirited, cosmopolitan and humanistic outlook.

'An English Fancy' focuses on the fantasy, the form that infatuated English Baroque composers. Listeners venture into unusual realms of sonic imagination by virtue of the daring experiments in melody, harmony, counterpoint and other musical elements heard in these 16th- and 17th-century works.

Bach, J S: Fugue in G minor for violin and basso continuo, BWV1026
Bach, J S: Violin Sonata in E minor, BWV1023
Buxtehude: Sonata in C major, BuxWV256
Byrd: John come kiss me now
Byrd: Sellinger's Round
Corelli: Violin Sonata Op. 5 No. 3 in C major
Couperin, F: Concert No. 3 (Concert Royal) in A major
Couperin, F: Concert No. 7 (les Goûts réunis) in G minor
Erlebach: Trio Sonata No. 3 in A major
Handel: Sonata in G minor HWV364b
Hume, T: Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke
Krieger, J P: Sonata in D minor, Op. 2 No. 2
Lawes, W: Fantasia Suite No. 8 in D major
Locke: Suite No.4 In B-flat (from the Little Consort)
Pisendel: Violin Sonata in D major
Purcell: Bonduca or The British Heroine - incidental music, Z574
Purcell: Distressed Innocence or The Princess of Persia: incidental music, Z577
Purcell: Pavan in B flat major, Z750
Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z629
Purcell: The Married Beau or The Curious Impertinent - incidental music, Z603
Purcell: The Virtuous Wife or Good Luck At Last - incidental music, Z611
Rameau: Concert No. 4 in B flat major
Schmelzer: Sonata Variata in D minor
Schop, J: Nobleman
Stradella: Sinfonia No. 22
Veracini: Sonata in D Minor, Op. 2 No. 12


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