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The Louvin Brothers - Complete Recorded Works: 1952-1962 (4 CDS)

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American country music duo The Louvin Brothers, composed of brothers Ira Lonnie Loudermilk (1924-1965) and Charlie Elzer Loudermilk (1927-2011) - better known as Ira and Charlie Louvin - were tagged "the most influential harmony team in the history of country music" by the New York Times. But perhaps Emmylou Harris put it more succinctly; "there was something scary and washed in the blood about the sound of the Louvin Brothers." They adopted the name Louvin Brothers in the 1940s as they began their career in gospel. They would soon move into secular music however, although many of their songs, often self-composed, were still heavily influenced by their Baptist faith and warned against sin. Despite this, Ira Louvin had a reputation for drinking, womanizing, and volcanic temper. In 1963, fed up with Ira's drinking and abusive behavior, Charlie started a solo career. Ira Louvin died in 1965 at the age of 41 after a drunk-driver struck the vehicle he was driving head-on; his fourth wife Anne was also killed in the crash. Ironically, at the time of his death, a 'Drunk Under The Influence' arrest warrant had been issued for him. The more sober lifestyle of brother Charlie undoubtedly contributed to his long life, surviving as he did until 2011, passing on at age 83 after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. This 6-disc compilation contains every recording the brothers released as a duo - from their very first single, the delightful 'Get Acquainted Waltz', right through to their 1962 album Weapon Of Prayer released soon before they went their separate ways. There were numerous albums released retrospectively, many of which contained previously un-heard recordings, but it was the music that was issued during their tenure as a musical partnership that best represents the almighty influence this often troubled but always magnificent pair contributed to the Great American Country Music Songbook.

Disc: 1
1. The Get Acquainted Waltz
2. Weapon Of Prayer
3. They've Got The Church Outnumbered
4. Do You Live What You Preach
5. You'll Be Rewarded Over There
6. I'll Live With God (To Die No More)
7. Robe Of White
8. The Great Atomic Power
9. Insured Beyond The Grave
10. The Gospel Way
11. The Sons And Daughters Of God
12. Kentucky
13. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
14. Let Her Go, God Bless Her
15. What Is Home Without Love
16. A Tiny Broken Heart
17. In The Pines
18. Alabama
19. Katie Dear
20. My Brother's Will
21. Knoxville Girl
22. Take The News To Mother
23. Mary Of The Wild Moor

Disc: 2
1. Are You Washed In The Blood
2. Nearer, My God, To Thee
3. Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus
4. I Can't Say No
5. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone
6. There's No Excuse
7. This Little Light Of Mine
8. Praying
9. Thankful
10. Lord, I'm Coming Home
11. Last Chance To Pray
12. I Steal Away And Pray
13. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
14. We Could
15. Tennessee Waltz
16. Are You Teasing Me
17. Too Late
18. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
19. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
20. Have I Stayed Away Too Long
21. Nobody's Darling But Mine
22. Why Not Confess
23. Making Believe
24. Take Me Back Into Your Heart

Disc: 3
1. The Family Who Prays (Never Shall Part)
2. Born Again
3. If We Forget God
4. Satan Lied To Me
5. God Bless Her (Cause She's My Mother)
6. Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self
7. Preach The Gospel
8. Just Rehearsing
9. Pray For Me
10. Satan And The Saint
11. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
12. Make Him A Soldier
13. Are You Wasting My Time
14. If I Could Only Win Your Love
15. Today
16. Read What's In My Heart
17. I Wonder If You Know
18. Memories And Tears
19. On My Way To The Show
20. My Heart Was Trampled On The Street
21. She'll Get Lonesome
22. Red Hen Hop
23. Blue
24. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream

Disc: 4
1. Satan Is Real
2. There's A Higher Power
3. The Christian Life
4. The River Of Jordan
5. The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea
6. Are You Afraid To Die
7. He Can Be Found
8. Dying From Home, And Lost
9. The Drunkard's Doom
10. Satan's Jeweled Crown
11. The Angels Rejoiced Last Night
12. I'm Ready To Go Home
13. My Baby's Gone
14. Blue From Now On
15. When I Loved You
16. She Didn't Even Know I Was Gone
17. You're Running Wild
18. Plenty Of Everything But You
19. I Wish You Knew
20. While You're Cheating On Me
21. Lorene
22. I Wish It Had Been A Dream
23. The First One To Love You
24. My Baby Came Back


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