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Taverner: Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas - Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Darlington

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“Taverner's Mass is the chef d'oeuvre of the greatest composer of his time, yet it has never before been recorded by the kind of liturgical choir which he had in mind; this is a courageous and significant act of reclamation.”

 “Stephen Darlington gives majestic shape to this monumental work, effectively drawing out the imperturbable tread of the 'Gloria tibi Trinitas' cantus firmus. The choir produces a sound of blistering intensity…”

John TAVERNER (c.1490 – 1545)

1. Cantus Firmus (0:41)

2. Kyrie (Deus Creator plainsong) (2:16)

3 - 7. Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas (42:55)

8. Mater Christi (6:21)

9. Dum Transisset Sabbatum (6:54)

10. O Wilhelme, pastor bone (3:50)

Total time: 60:03

Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Stephen Darlington (director)