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Strauss in St. Petersburg - Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi

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Strauss in St Petersburg

Smirnitskaya: Erste Liebe, Op. 14
Strauss, J, II: Abschied von St. Petersburg, Walzer, Op. 210
Strauss, J, II: Alexander, Op. 33
Strauss, J, II: Alexandrine-Polka francaise, Op. 198
Strauss, J, II: An der Wolga - Polka mazurka, Op. 425
Strauss, J, II: Auf zum Tanze! Polka schnell, Op. 436
Strauss, J, II: Bauern-Polka, Op. 276
Strauss, J, II: Grossfursten-Marsch, Op. 107
Strauss, J, II: Grossfurstin Alexandra, Op. 181
Strauss, J, II: Hofball-Quadrille, Op. 116
Strauss, J, II: Kronungs-Marsch, Op. 183
Strauss, J, II: Newa-Polka Francaise, Op. 288
Strauss, J, II: Olga-Polka, Op. 196
Strauss, J, II: Persischer Marsch, Op. 289
Strauss, J, II: Pizzicato Polka
Strauss, J, II: Russischer Marsch-Fantasie, Op. 353
Strauss, J, II: Russischer Marsch, Op. 426
Strauss, J, II: St. Petersburg (Quadrille on Russian Themes), Op. 255
Strauss, J, II: Vergnügungszug, Op. 281
Strauss, J, II: Wein, Weib und Gesang, Op. 333

Olga Zaitseva (soprano)

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi

This is a double-anniversary disc, offering a rare collection of lively works to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra as well as the eightieth birthday of its principal conductor, Neeme Järvi.

Cheerful marches and dances here trace the career of Johann Strauss II as it manifested itself in his much acclaimed seasons in St Petersburg, at the ‘Russian summer’ concerts in the Vauxhall pavilion in Pavlovsk, where he appeared for eleven seasons (1856 – 65 and 1869), ten of them consecutively. It is an unmissable start to a year-long celebration for Neeme Järvi that will include concerts, promotions, and other CD releases.

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