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Schubert Live, Volume 3 - Imogen Cooper (2 CDs)

Schubert Live, Volume 3 - Imogen Cooper (2 CDs)

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"These two CDs contain some of the most wonderful Schubert-playing I have ever heard. thing Cooper can do is make the piano sing... Colours are gracefully shaded, dynamics are artfully controlled and contained; there are no intrusive idiosyncrasies... to detract from the enchantment. ...there is throughout a serenity and poise to the playing which is pure balm for the soul. Here is a great artist of taste and integrity." --Gramophone

"the piano could not be more naturally captured, nor the feeling of live music-making conveyed to the listener. She displays a very special feeling for the composer's lyricism, and the warm colouring and fine shading of timbre are as pleasing to the ear as the many subtle nuances of phrasing, and her bold sonority at higher dynamic levels is particularly satisfying." --Penguin Guide

"...Imogen Cooper is second to none in Schubert. The sound she so carefully makes is a glorious companion throughout, casting radiance on the first two Moments musicaux, the spellbinding last of the four impromptus, and even a rare moment of transcendence in the otherwise straightforward if well sprung German Dances. ...she finds her own independent way with the opening of the C minor Sonata, strong and surprisingly buoyant with lovely staccatos and later magical enharmonic transformations. The tour de force of the final tarantella, following on the heels of the elusive minuet, never palls in its mercurial variety, and the slip into B major is a glimpse into a strange new world, a little touch of heaven." --BBC Music Magazine

CD1 [1] 12 Deutsche Tanze, D790 Sonata in A minor, D784 [2] I Allegro giusto [3] II Andante [4] III Allegro vivace [5] Hungarian Melody in B minor, D817 Sonata in C major, D840 [6] I Moderato [7] II Andante CD 2 Four Impromptus, D899 [1] No. 1 in C minor [2] No. 2 in E flat major [3] No. 3 in G flat major [4] No. 4 in A flat major Sonata in B flat major, D960 [5] I Molto moderato [6] II Andante sostenuto [7] III Scherzo. Allegro vivace con delicatezza - Trio - Scherzo [8] IV Allegro, ma non troppo - Presto [9] Allegretto in C minor, D915