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Ranjbaran: Persian Trilogy - London Symphony Orchestra, JoAnne Faletta

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This timely and never-before available recording of Behzad Ranjbaran's dramatic and powerful Persian Trilogy For Orchestra is certain to mirror the rave reviews and sold-out performances this awe inspiring cycle has garnered in the concert hall. Persian Trilogy consists of "Seven Passages," "Seemorgh" (The Mountain, The Moonlight, The Sunrise), and "The Blood of Seyavash" (The Young Prince and Heir, Seduction by Betrayal, Trial by Fire, Tormented Loyalties, Seeds of Envy, Idyllic Love, Prophecy Fulfilled). "I have come to realize that in real life, courageous acts are not limited only to heroes. Unsung heroes perform countless acts of courage and struggle daily." --Behzad Ranjbaran Behzad Ranjbaran - Persian Trilogy: "Seven Passages, " "Seemorgh" (The Mountain; The Moonlight; The Sunriseand "The Blood of Seyavash" (The Young Prince and Heir,Seduction by Betrayal; Trial by Fire; Tormented Loyalties; Seeds of Envy; Idyllic Love;Prophecy Fulfilled)