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Paul Anka: Complete US & UK Singles As & BS 1956-62 (2 CDs)

Paul Anka: Complete US & UK Singles As & BS 1956-62 (2 CDs)

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Canadian singer Paul Anka shot to fame in 1956 at the age of 15 when he auditioned for Don Costa at ABC singing a song he had written for a girl he hardly knew. "Diana", which became one of the biggest hits of the year and began the extraordinary career of artist whose versatility has ensured continued success both as a singer and as a hugely successful songwriter. He racked up a string of hits through the late '50s and early '60s, most them self-penned, as he proved that his early success was no flash in the pan, and that his talent encompassed rock 'n' roll as well as dramatic ballads and sophisticated mood music. This great value 60-track 2-CD set comprises the A and B sides of every single he released in the USA and UK during those frenetic first few years of his career, the success he was enjoying measured by the fact that thirty-five of those tracks registered in either the US or UK charts, his major hits, including "Lonely Boy", "I Love You Baby", "You Are My Destiny" and "Put Your Head On My Shoulder". He is a highly individual artist, who defied many of the norms of the teen idol era, able to transcend the musical boundaries between the genres, and made a significant contribution to the music of the times

I Confess (Paul Anka)
Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fontaine (Paul Anka)
Diana (Paul Anka)
Don't Gamble with Love (Paul Anka)
I Love You, Baby (Paul Anka)
Tell Me That You Love Me (Paul Anka)
You Are My Destiny (Paul Anka)
When I Stop Loving You (Paul Anka)
Crazy Love (Paul Anka)
Let the Bells Keep Ringing (Paul Anka)
Midnight (Paul Anka)
Verboten! (Paul Anka)
Just Young (Paul Anka)
So It's Goodbye (Paul Anka)
The Teen Commandments (Paul Anka, George Hamilton IV, Johnny Nash)
All of a Sudden My Heart Sings (Paul Anka)
That's Love (Paul Anka)
I Miss You So (Paul Anka)
Late Last Night (Paul Anka)
Lonely Boy (Paul Anka)
Your Love (Paul Anka)
Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Paul Anka)
Don't Ever Leave Me (Paul Anka)
It's Time to Cry (Paul Anka)
Something Has Changed Me (Paul Anka)
Puppy Love (Paul Anka)
Adam and Eve (Paul Anka)
My Home Town (Paul Anka)
Something Happened (Paul Anka)
Hello Young Lovers (Paul Anka)
I Love You in the Same Old Way (Paul Anka)
Summer's Gone (Paul Anka)
I'd Have to Share (Paul Anka)
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Paul Anka)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Paul Anka)
The Story of My Love (Paul Anka)
Don't Say You're Sorry (Paul Anka)
It's Christmas Everywhere (Paul Anka)
Tonight, My Love, Tonight (Paul Anka)
I'm Just a Fool Anyway (Paul Anka)
Dance on Little Girl (Paul Anka)
I Talk to You (Paul Anka)
Cinderella (Paul Anka)
Kissin' on the Phone (Paul Anka)
Loveland (Paul Anka)
The Bells at My Wedding (Paul Anka)
The Fools Hall of Fame (Paul Anka)
Far from the Lights of Town (Paul Anka)
I'll Never Find Another You (Paul Anka)
Uh Huh (Paul Anka)
I'm Coming Home (Paul Anka)
Cry (Paul Anka)
Love Me Warm and Tender (Paul Anka)
I'd Like to Know (Paul Anka)
I Never Knew Your Name (Paul Anka)
A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine (Paul Anka)
Every Night (Without You) (Paul Anka)
There You Go (Paul Anka)
Give Me Back My Heart (Paul Anka)
Eso Beso, That Kiss (Paul Anka)


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