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Novak: In the Tatras; South Bohemian Suite; Eight Nocturnes - Carlsbad Symphony Orchestra

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Carlsbad Symphony Orchestra
Douglas Bostock
Daniela Straková (sop*)

Catalogue Number: ALC 1199
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: DDD, 1998 Time 76:56

[1] In the Tatras, Op.26 17:13 South Bohemian Suite, Op.64 [2] I. Pastorale (Obzory). Pastoral (Horizons) 11:17 [3] II. Sneni (Lesy a rybniky). Reverie (Forests & Ponds) 8:26 [4] III. Kdysi (Pochod Táboru). Once Upon a Time (March of the Hussites) 8:51 [5] IV. Bud’ zdráv, muj rodny kraj. Epilog (Apotheose) To My Homeland. Epilogue (Apotheosis) 1:23 Eight Nocturnes for Voice and Orchestra, Op.39* [6] I. Sterne im Wasser (Stars in the Water) Original text: Karl Bulcke 3:12 [7] II. Waldnacht (Forest Night) Text: Herman Lingg 3:00 [8] III. Notturno in G dur (Nocturne in G minor) Text: Karl Gustav Vollmoller 4:23 [9] IV. Totentänzen (Little Dance of Death) Text: Oscar Weiner 2:58 [10] V. Helle Nacht (Bright Night) Text: Richard Dehmel, after Verlaine 2:08 [11] VI. Nachtreise (Nocturnal Journey) Text: Ludwig Uhland 3:19 [12] VII. Sommernacht (Summer Night) Text: Ludwig Jacobowski 6:14 [13] VIII.Christkindleins Wiegenlied (Christchild’s Lullaby) 4:11 from “Des Knaben Wunderhorn”

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