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Smetana: My Country / Ma Vlast

The 1990 Legendary Recording - Vinyl Edition

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Rafael Kubelik

The triumph of truth and hope is one way to describe that special moment experienced by the orchestra and the public (including President Václav Havel) in sold-out Smetana Hall at the Municipal House in Prague on the evening of 12 May 1990. It was the opening concert of the first Prague Spring Festival to be held in freedom after 42 years of Communist totalitarianism. Rafael Kubelík led the Czech Philharmonic in a performance of Smetana's Má vlast in order to celebrate the renewal of freedom in his Czechoslovakia. Maestro Kubelík had refused to return to his homeland after the Communist putsch in February 1948, and his answer to repeated invitations was always: "No, not as long as the country is not free". He became a world-famous conductor, but he ended his active career in 1985 because of illness. Five years later, however, he could no longer refuse the invitation, and – with the expenditure of great effort – got himself back into shape and returned to the conductor's podium. The moment of joy from his return home and from the country's liberation was clearly worth it. Thanks to the Supraphon recording team, the thousands of listeners who have succumbed to the magic of this legendary recording can still relive this unique moment – and now devoted fans of vinyl can do so as well. Kubelik's Má vlast has received all due care as regards both the audio quality (DMM, 180g virgin vinyl) and the paraphernalia and packaging of the LP.

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