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Merry It Is While Summer Lasts - Medieval and Traditional Music from the Summer Festivals

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1 Kalenda maya (ct, sop,v,c,b,r, n)/ 2 Ce fut en mai (ct, sop,v,r,c)/ 3 Estampie reale (b,c,v,n)/ 4 Miri it is while sumer ilast (sop,s,v,c,rb,r,tam)/ 5 Ye have so longe keepyt o (ct,v)/ 6 Me lyketh ever lenger the bet (ct,l,r)/ 7 Chominciamento di gioia (v,r,c,n)/ 8 Unter den linden (sop/p,c,v,r,b,hg)/ 9 Amor mi fa cantar (ct)/ 10 L’alma mia piange (ct,v,r,h)/ 11 Cuckoo’s nest (v,c,r,rb,tab)/ 12 Morris Dance Trunkles (p+t)/ 13 The cuckoo (bar,v,h)/ 14 The Merry Sherwood rangers (v,c,b/r,tab)