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Martinu: Double Concerto; Sinfonia-Giocosa; Rhapsodie-Concerto - Charles Mackerras, Peter Maag

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“Golani’s unaffected account of the Rhapsody-Concerto,, all the more eloquent for being understated .. the lovely Sinfonietta,, a wartime work but apparently carefree gets a delightfully fresh performance … the powerful Double Concerto,, again well played and recorded” --Penguin Guide,Double Concerto for 2 String Orchestras Piano & Timpani [1] Poco Allegro 6:30 [2] Largo 8:24 [3] Allegro 7:00 Ji?í Skovajsa (piano),, Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras,Sinfonietta Giocosa for Piano and Small Orchestra [4] Poco allegro 8:15 [5] Allegretto poco moderato 5:49 [6] Allegro 7:25 [7] Andantino (moderato) – Allegro 7:21 Dennis Hennig (piano),, Australian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras,Rhapsody-Concerto for Viola and Orchestra [8] Moderato 10:16 [9] Molto Adagio – Poco vivo – Poco Allegro – Allegro – Andante (molto tranquillo) 11:54 Rivka Golani (viola),, Bem Symphony Orchestra conducted by Peter Maag

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