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Mal Waldron - Recordings 1956-1957 (4 CDS)

Mal Waldron - Recordings 1956-1957 (4 CDS)

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This four disc set containing his debut and sophomore releases as bandleader alongside the first half dozen recordings from The Prestige All Stars, faithfully remastered to the highest possible quality, this compilation provides a fascinating insight into a musician who would become a pivotal figure in the amorphous and ever-changing face of late 1950s jazz.

Mal Waldron made his professional debut as a jazz musician alongside Ike Quebec in New York in 1952. The pair began a six month Monday night residency at the city's Cafe Society Downtown club , a gig which greatly increasing the profile of the young pianist. With offers of work now coming in more frequently, Waldron joined the band of Charles Mingus, making his recording debut on Jazz Composers Workshop and holding his position in the band for the next two years. He would appear on some of Mingus' most important albums, including the 1956 release Pithecanthropus Erectus, a post-bop masterpiece that was considered one of the most vital works in the creation of freer forms of jazz. Around this time he also formed his own band consisting of Idrees Sulieman on trumpet, Gigi Gryce on alto saxophone, bassist Julian Euell and drummer Arthur Edgehill, with whom he released his first album as bandleader, Mal-1. Having been introduced to Prestige by former colleague Jackie McLean, Waldron would become the label's house pianist and appear on numerous recordings in the Prestige All Stars series, a sequence of albums featuring other jazz greats signed to the label, including John Coltrane, Kenny Burrell, Paul Chambers and Art Taylor. The series would include the album Interplay for 2 Trumpets and 2 Tenors, which contained the first recording of 'Soul Eyes,' Waldron's most famous composition which would go on to become a jazz standard. 1957 would also see the release of Waldron's second albums as bandleader, Mal/2, which received much critical acclaim; the album featured appearances from John Coltrane, Jackie McLean and Art Taylor.

Disc: 1
1. Stablemates
2. Yesterdays
3. Transfiguration
4. Bud Study
5. Dee'S Dilemma
6. Shome
7. From This Moment On
8. J.M.'S Dream Doll
9. The Way You Look Tonight
10. One By One
11. Don'T Explain
12. Potpourri

Disc: 2
1. Potpourri
2. Blues Without Woe
3. Touche
4. Dakar
5. Embraceable You
6. Hello Frisco
7. Things Ain'T What They Used To Be
8. Wheelin'
9. Robbins' Nest
10. Dealin'
11. Embraceable You

Disc: 3
1. Staggers
2. Song Of A Star
3. The Eagle Flies
4. Bunni
5. Reiteration
6. Everything Happens To Me
7. Pedal Eyes
8. Kokochee
9. No More Nights
10. Kinda Kanonic
11. Don'T Blame Me
12. Staggers

Disc: 4
1. Interplay
2. Anatomy
3. Light Blue
4. Soul Eyes
5. Earthy
6. What'S Not
7. I Wouldn'T
8. The Front Line


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