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Lehar: A Gala From Dresden - Staatskapelle Dresden, Christian Thielemann

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In advance of the concert, Thielemann said that he saw it as his duty "to free operetta from its musty reputation", and the programme for his New Year's Eve Concert offered the best possible preconditions for this, allowing us to admire Lehár as a composer of immense variety by featuring excerpts from early masterpieces such as Der Göttergatte, The Count of Luxembourg, Gypsy Love (a tribute to Lehár's Hungarian origins) and Eva alongside highlights from his later successes, Paganini, The Land of Smiles, The Czarevich, Friederike and his final work for the stage, Giuditta, which received its first performance at the Vienna State Opera in 1934 - the only operetta by Lehár to be premiered by the company. The programme includes not only hit numbers such as "Freunde, das Leben ist lebenswert", "Gern hab ich die Frau'n geküsst" and, as an encore, "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" but also rarities and orchestral gems not often encountered in such altogether outstanding performances. These tenor hits have a particularly close connection with Dresden, for Lehár wrote them for Richard Tauber, who during the First World War held the title of "Royal Court Opera Singer" at the Dresden Opera before being launched on his international career.

Lehár: Walzer (from Giuditta) Freunde, das Leben ist lebenswert (from Giuditta) Piotr Beczala (tenor) Sächsischer Staatsopernchor Liebe du Himmel auf Erden (from Paganini) Angela Denoke (soprano) Waltz Intermezzo from “Der Graf von Luxemburg” Die Mädels sind nur zum Küssen da (from Friederike) Ana Maria Labin (soprano) Sächsischer Staatsopernchor Wer hat die Liebe uns ins Herz gesenkt (from Das Land des Lächelns) Piotr Beczala (tenor), Angela Denoke (soprano) Wilde Rosen - Valse Boston Wer will heut' Nacht mein Liebster sein? (from Paganini) Angela Denoke (soprano) Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküßt (from Paganini) Piotr Beczala (tenor) Niemand liebt dich so wie ich (from Paganini) Piotr Beczala (tenor), Angela Denoke (soprano) Overture: Der Göttergatte Wär' es auch nichts als ein Augenblick (from Das Fabriksmädel) Ana Maria Labin (soprano) Warum hat jeder Frühling, ach, nur einen Mai (from Der Zarewitsch) Piotr Beczala (tenor), Angela Denoke (soprano) Endlich, Jószi, bist du hier (from Zigeunerliebe) Sächsischer Staatsopernchor Ballettszene (from Zigeunerfest) Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (from Das Land des Lächelns) Piotr Beczala (tenor) Ich bin verliebt (from Schön ist die Welt) Ana Maria Labin (soprano) Straus, O: Warum soll eine Frau kein Verhältnis haben Angela Denoke (soprano) Strauss, J, II: Zehner - Polka, Op. 121,


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