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Koechlin: Complete Music for Saxophone (3 CDs)

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Koechlin: Complete Music for Saxophone
David Brutti (saxophones), Mario Caroli (flute) & Filippo Farinelli (piano & conductor)
Atem Saxophone Quartet & Orchestra Città Aperta, Duo Disecheis

Koechlin: 15 Etudes for Saxophone and Piano, Op. 188
Koechlin: 7 Pièces for Saxophone and Piano, from Op. 180
Koechlin: Duos (24), Op. 186 for two saxophones
Koechlin: Epitaphe de Jean Harlow Op. 164
Koechlin: La vie s’ouvre devant toi (for wind septet)
Koechlin: Le Repos de Tityre
Koechlin: Monodie No. 9 for alto saxophone from 12 Monodies, Op. 213
Koechlin: Septuor pour instruments à vent
Koechlin: Sonatine für Oboe d'amore mit Begleitung von Flöte, Klarinette, Harfe und Streichsextett Op. 194 Nr. 1
Koechlin: Sonatine für Oboe d'amore mit Begleitung von Flöte, Klarinette, Harfe und Streichsextett Op. 194 Nr. 2
Koechlin: Va librement! (for eleven wind instruments)

For the first time complete on CD: Charles Koechlin’s Music for Saxophone.

Koechlin was an important composer and music theorist at the beginning of 20th century, living in Paris, the world’s hot spot for musical innovation.

His music is inspired by the impressionistic style, which was much in vogue at that time, but it voices his unique personal language, in which oriental elements are fused. He was enchanted by the then new instrument of Adolphe Sax, the saxophone, and wrote extensively for this sonorous and seductive instrument.

The saxophonist David Brutti and his pianist partner Filippo Farinelli have performed this repertoire at major European festivals, to great critical acclaim. Among the other musicians included on this recording are the Atem Saxophone Quartet.

An important issue, another fascinating testimony of the musical genius of Charles Koechlin.

Charles Koechlin, music theorist as well as composer, was a significant figure in the vibrant early 20th century whirl of Parisian culture. After studying under as Jules Massenet and Gabriel Fauré, the latter being an enormous influence on his music, Koechlin co‐founded the Société musicale indépendante in 1909 and many years later became president of the Féderation Musicale Populaire. Starstruck by Hollywood, Koechlin often found inspiration in its legendary figures and dedicated many pieces to actresses such as Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow and Lilian Harvey.

Koechlin’s compositional style contains elements of impressionism, and his developing interest in the saxophone can be closely linked to his enthusiasm for 1930s cinema. Twenty years later, the publication of his Traité de l’orchestration, in which he praised the saxophone for its sonority and agility, coincided with that of a set of 15 studies for the instrument. These studies, of varying length and character, feature in this collection, alongside works such as the Deux Sonatinas, Septuor pour instruments à Vent, and the celebrated Epitaphe pour Jean Harlow. Formed in 2001 by David Brutti and Filippo Farinelli, the Duo Disecheis explores 20thcentury and contemporary chamber music.

Having performed at many prestigious festivals and venues throughout Europe, the duo has achieved enormous success in international competitions and has collaborated with composers such as Paolo Baioni, Stefano Trevisi and Dimitri Nicolau. Joining the duo on this recording is the Atem Saxophone Quartet, which has received critical acclaim for its performances at numerous chamber music and jazz festivals.

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