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John Dowlands Lachrimae Or Seaven Teares - Caroline Trevor

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Caroline Trevor (alto), Jacob Heringman (renaissance lutes)
The Rose Consort of Viols

John Dowland’s Lachrimae or Seaven Teares
figured in seaven Passionate Pavans together with seven of his songs on the theme of Tears and Weeping
Flow my teares (Lacrimæ)
Lachrimae Antiquae
Come heavy sleep
Lachrimae Antiquae Novae
Sorrow, stay
Lachrimae Gementes
In darkness let me dwell
Lachrimae Tristes
From silent night
Lachrimae Coactae
Go Crystal tears
Lachrimae Amantis
I saw my Lady weepe
Lachrimae Verae