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Jackie McLean - Complete Albums Collection 1955-1958 (4 CDS)

Jackie McLean - Complete Albums Collection 1955-1958 (4 CDS)

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JACKIE MCLEAN - The Complete Albums Collection 1955-1958 (4CD BOX SET) - A master of the alto saxophone, Jackie McLean benefited greatly as a young student from the tutelage of local jazz greats, which in turn led him to work alongside, and even as leader to, a multitude of legendary players. With an extensive back catalogue containing some of the finest jazz records ever made, McLean s fast-paced and rhythmic style is one that has been acclaimed and emulated routinely over the years. This collection contains the entirety of Jackie McLean s early output as bandleader, featuring primarily his work for Prestige (plus his singular releases for Ad Lib and Jubilee, which bookend the era). Bringing together eight complete albums across four discs, which together contain over five hours of music, all in glorious remastered audio quality, this set provides both the perfect introduction to this legendary figure in jazz, and a welcome reminder of Jackie McLean s unique and timeless legacy.

- Disc 1 -
1 It's You or No One
2 Blue Doll
3 Little Melonae
4 The Way You Look Tonight
5 Moon Malody
6 Lover Man
7 Lights Out
8 Up
9 Lorraine
10 A Foggy Day
11 Kerplunk
12 Inding

- Disc 2 -
1 Sentimental Journey
2 Why Was I Born'
3 Contour
4 Confirmation
5 When I Fall in Love
6 Abstraction
7 Sweet Doll
8 Just for Marty
9 Dee's Dilemma
10 Sublues
11 Steeplechase
12 It Could Happen to You

- Disc 3 -
1 Flickers
2 Help
3 Minor Dream
4 Beau Jack
5 Mirage
6 Alto Madness
7 Windy City
8 The Lady Is a Tramp
9 Easy Living
10 Pondering

- Disc 4 -
1 Gone with the Wind
2 Our Love Is Here to Stay
3 Mean to Me
4 McLean's Scene
5 Old Folks
6 Outburst
7 Filide
8 Millie's Pad
9 Two Sons
10 What Good Am I Without You'
11 Tune Up


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