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In Nomine: English Music for Viol Consort - Fretwork

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Baldwin, J: In Nomine à 4 for 4 viols; Bull, J: In Nomine à 5 for 5 viols & lute; Byrd: In Nomine No. 2; Fantasia à 3 No. 3; Cornyshe: Fa la sol à 3 for 3 viols; Ferrabosco, A I: Fantasia a 4; Parsons, R: In Nomine à 5 for 5 viols; Preston, T: O lux beata Trinitas à 3 for 3 viols, lute; Tallis: In Nomine I a 4; Fantasia à 5 for 5 viols; rec. John Milsom Taverner: In nomine a 4; Tye: In nomine XIX Crye; In nomine à 5 'Trust'“

It is one of the loveliest albums of English viol music I can remember hearing” --Fanfare

“Fretwork play together beautifully” --Gramophone