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Ike Carpenter - Dances in Love

Ike Carpenter - Dances in Love

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A devotee of Duke Ellington, pianist Ike Carpenter worked with several lesser-known big bands before forming his own 10-piece unit which, with carefully written arrangements, sounded much larger. The pieces here are mostly Ellington-based, including a radio transcription & an audition album from 1947, plus singles recorded for Jules Bihari. The latter contains false starts & 2 never before released tracks, one with vocalist Hadda Brooks. The CD also features saxophonists Lucky Thompson & Corky Corcoran.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Moon Mist
2. Jeep's Blues
3. Chelsea Bridge
4. Dancers In Love
5. The Loveliness Of You
6. The Si Si Song
7. I'm Hip
8. Cherokee
9. Screamliner
10. Day Dream
11. Jeep's Blues (false start)
12. Jeep's Blues
13. Yesterdays (false start)
14. Yesterdays
15. Rhapsody In Blues
16. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
17. Ike's Blues
18. Take The 'A'Train
19. Day Dream
20. Keep Your Hands On The Table (false Start)
21. Keep Your Hands On The Table
22. Out Of The Blue
23. Chelsea Bridge
24. Dancers In Love
25. Flamingo
26. Moon Mist
27. After All
28. Take The 'A'Train
29. Screamliner

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