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HOLST: Cotswolds Symphony, Walt Whitman Overture, and other works - Bostock, Munich Symphony Orchestra

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Munich Symphony Orchestra
Douglas Bostock – conductor

Catalogue Number: ALC 1170
Number of Discs: 1
Date/Runtime: 65:03 / DDD, 2002

“Jolly Cotswolds Symphony… shows the Holstian flair for colourful orchestration and has folksy influence….Scherzo an attractive dance rhythm…..and finale a striking tune in 6/4…in the Perfect Fool we hear the composer at his most inspired …and like the whole programme, it is most vividly played and recorded… remarkable how well this fine Munich orchestra takes to English music” (Penguin Guide 3 stars)

Symphony in F major, Op.8 “The Cotswolds” [1] I. Allegro con brio 3:56 [2] II. Elegy (In Memoriam William Morris) Molto adagio 9:59 [3] III. Scherzo: Presto. Allegretto 5:58 [4] IV Finale: Allegro moderato 7:27 [5] Walt Whitman Overture, Op.7 7:35 A Hampshire Suite, Op.28, No.2 (arr. Jacobs) [6] I. March: Allegro 4:59 [7] II. Song Without Words: I’ll Love My Love (Andante) 2:21 [8] III. Song of the Blacksmith: Moderato e maestoso 1:22 [9] IV. Fantasia on the Dargason: Allegro moderato 3:19 The Perfect Fool Ballet Music, Op.39 [10] Andante 0:57 [11] Dance of Spirits of Earth: Moderato 4:00 [12] Dance of Spirits of Water: Allegretto 3:36 [13] Dance of Spirits of Fire: Allegro moderato 3:32 [14] Scherzo for orchestra (from an unfinished symphony) 5:55

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