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  • In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Sequentia, one of the world’s most respected and innovative ensembles for medieval music
  • The first ever collection of the complete works by Hildegard von Bingen, recorded by Sequentia
  • Specially designed deluxe edition in shape of a gradual book
  • 9 CD-set including 152 pages standalone book with complete texts and translations

The Sequentia recrdings of Hildegard’s works are contained on 8 releases (more than eleven hours of music) for the DHM label and include all of Hildegard’s 77 symphoniae as well as her music drama Ordo Virtutum (recorded twice, with an interval of 15 years between the two radically different productions). The accompanying booklets are considered models of research and total almost 400 pages. One of these releases, Canticles of Ecstasy, received several international awards (including an Edison Prize, a Disque d’Or, and a Grammy nomination for best choral recording) and has sold more than a million copies worldwide. In 2009 an anthology was released, containing exceptional tracks from six of Sequentia’s Hildegard recordings on DHM. In 2012 the final recording of the complete works, Celestial Hierarchy, was brought to life by Sequentia’s co-founder and director Benjamin Bagby, to commemorate the elevation of Hildegard von Bingen to Sainthood and Doctor Ecclesiae (2011), to finish Sequentia’s complete works project on the DHM/Sony label and thus to honor the life’s work of Barbara Thornton. For this recording, a multi-generational ensemble of seven women’s voices was assembled under Bagby’s direction, together with the flautist Norbert Rodenkirchen and Bagby playing harp. One of the singers on this final recording had been a member of Barbara Thornton’s ensemble, while some others were not yet born when the first recording was made in 1982.

DISC 1: Saints
1. O magne pater
2. O Bonifaci
3. O mirum admirandum
4. Instrumental piece
5. O viriditas digiti Dei
6. O beata infantia
7. O felix anima
8. Instrumental piece
9. O presul vere civitatis

DISC 2: Saints
1. Columba aspexit
2. Instrumental piece
3. O Ecclesia
4. Spiritui sancto
5. Mathias, sanctus per electionem
6. O Pater omnium
7. O Euchari, columba virtutem illius
8. O Euchari, in leta via ambulasti

DISC 3: Ordo Virtutum
1. Prologue: Qui sunt hi, qui ut nubes?
2. Processional of Embodied souls
3. Scene 1: O nos peregrine sumus
4. Anima processional
5. Scene 1 (continued): O dulcis divinitas
6. Anima processional
7. Scene 1 (continued): O gravis labor
8. Instrumental dance
9. Scene 2: Ego, Humilitas
10. Instrumental dance

DISC 4: Ordo Virtutum
1. Symphoniae: O quam magnum miraculum
2. Symphoniae: O felix anima
3. Symphoniae: O quam mirabilis
4. Instrumental lament
5. Scene 3: Heu, heu, nos Virtutes
6. Scene 4: Quae es, aut unde venis?
7. Finale: In principio

DISC 5: Canticles of Ecstasy
1. O vis eternitatis
2. Nunc aperuit nobis clausa porta
3. Quia ergo femina mortem instruxit
4. Cum processit factura digiti Dei
5. Alma Redemptoris Mater
6. Ave Maria
7. Spiritus Sanctus vivificans vite
8. O ignis Spiritus Paracliti
9. Caritas habundat in omnia
10. Alleluia! O virga mediatrix
11. O viridissima virga, ave
12. Instrumental piece
13. O pastor animarum
14. O tu suavissima virga
15. O choruscans stellarum
16. O nobilissima viriditas

DISC 6: Voice of the Blood
1. O rubor sanguinis
2. Favius distillans
3. Laus Trinitati
4. In matutinis laudibus
5. O Ecclesia
6. Instrumental piece
7. O eterne Deus
8. O dulcissime amator
9. Rex noster
10. O cruor sanguinis
11. Cum vox sanguinis
12. Instrumental piece
13. O virgo Ecclesia
14. Nunc gaudeant materna
15. O orzchis Ecclesia

DISC 7: O Jerusalem
1. O Jerusalem
2. Quia felix puericia
3. O felix apparicio
4. O beatissime Ruperte
5. Instrumental piece
6. O tu illustrata
7. Cum erubuerint
8. O frondens virga
9. O quam preciosa
10. O ignee spiritus
11. Instrumental piece
12. O quam magnam miraculum

DISC 8: Symphoniae
1. O quam mirabilis est
2. O pulchrae facies
3. O virga ac diadema
4. Instrumental piece
5. O clarissima Mater
6. Instrumental piece
7. Spiritui Sancto
8. O virtus Sapientiae
9. O lucidissima Apostolorum turba
10. Instrumental piece
11. O successores fortissimi leonis
12. O vos, felices radices
13. Instrumental piece
14. Vos flores rosarum

DISC 9: Celestial Hierarchy
1. O splendidissima gemma
2. O dulcis electe
3. O speculum columbe
4. O spectabiles viri
5. O cohors milicie floris
6. O victoriosissimi triumphatores
7. Kyrieleison
8. O vos imitatores excelse persone
9. O gloriosissimi lux
10. O vos angeli