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Haydn: 'Lord Nelson' Mass; Croft: Burial Service; Bach: St. John Passion excerpts - A ClassicSelect Exclusive!

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Choir of King’s College Cambridge
David Willcocks
Bach, with Simon Preston, organ

Catalogue Number: ALC 1184
Number of Discs: 1

(Haydn) “resonant King’s acoustic…the effect is admirably full-blooded and vivid” (Penguin Guide 3 stars) (Croft) “Another unforgettable experience is the singing of Croft’s Burial Service, recorded in procession with the voices gradually drawing nearer.” (Haydn) “a fine and vital performance under David Willcocks, with a first-rate quartet of soloists (Gramophone)

THE ‘NELSON’ MASS (Missa in augustiis / Mass in Troubled Times) 1. Kyrie 5:02 2. Gloria 10:43 3. Credo 9:51 4. Sanctus 2:22 5. Benedictus 5:57 6. Agnus Dei 6:14 Sylvia Stahlman, Helen Watts, Wilfred Brown, Tom Krause with the London Symphony Orchestra 7. William Croft: The Burial Service (Recorded in procession) 14:38 8. Thomas Tallis (ed. Ken): Glory to Thee, My God, this Night 2:53 9. Orlando Gibbons: Drop, Drop Slow Tears 1:33 J S Bach: St. John Passion – Excerpts 10. Chorale: O Lord who dares smite Thee 2:05 11. Chorale: O Mighty King. Eternal is Thy Glory 2:03 12. Chorus: Rest calm…Lord Jesu, Thy dear Angel send 10:58

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