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Handel: "Oxford" Water Music; Trio Sonatas by Geminiani, Leclair and Handel - Brook Street Band

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George Frideric HANDEL (1685 - 1759) Trio Sonata Op. 5 No.4 in G Major 1. Allegro - A Tempo Ordinario - Allegro (4:57) 2. Passacaille (4:39) 3. Gigue - Minuet – Gigue (3:42) Jean-Marie LECLAIR (1697 - 1764) Premier Recreation de Musique Op. 6 in D major 4. Ouverture (3:46) 5. Gracieusement (3:54) 6. Forlanne - Menuets 1 and 2 (3:55) 7. Gavotte - Passepieds 1 and 2 (2:58) 8. Sarabande (3:08) 9. Chaconne (6:08) Arcangelo CORELLI (1653 - 1713) Trio Sonata Op. 2 No. 12 in G Major 10. Ciaccona (3:37) 11. Allegro (2:39) 12. Grave (1:05) 13. Allegro (1:06) Francesco GEMINIANI (1687 - 1762) Sonata V in a minor 14. Vivace (1:47) 15. Affettuoso (2:27) 16. Allegro (2:02) HANDEL Oxford Water Music Suite in F Major 17. Aire (1:21) 18. Minuet (1:45) 19. Allegro (2:18) 20. Bouree - Hornpipe – Bouree (1:48) HANDEL Oxford Water Music Suite in G minor 21. Minuets 1 and 2 (2:44) 22. Allegro (1:16) HANDEL Oxford Water Music Suite in D major 23. Minuet (0:57) 24. Lentement (1:24) 25. Bouree (1:03) HANDEL Trio Sonata Op. 2 No. 3 in Bb Major 26. Andante (2:33) 27. Allegro (2:16) 28. Larghetto (3:10) 29. Allegro (3:06) Total time: 77:31 It's easy to imagine the well-documented first performance of Handel's Water Music,played by at least 50 musicians on a barge floating down the Thames for a royal procession. But what was the score's first incarnation? After all,Baroque composers would shamelessly beg,borrow and steal from their own music,whatever it took to make a few extra bob. Enter the Brook Street Band,a young baroque chamber ensemble whose core make-up is two violins,harpsichord and cello. Upon learning of a chamber version of the Water Music in an Oxford University library,apparently penned by Handel himself,the group applied 18th century practices and adapted the music for their own forces,adding an oboe doubling on recorder. The resulting world premier recording recreates how Handel's popular music may have been enjoyed by 18th century folk in the privacy of their own home., " A choice Baroque selection distinguished by stylish playing from this young group...The Brook Street Band are a young group of Baroque specialists whose name proclaims their primary allegiance to Handel,sonatas by whom frame their programme here. They bring a delightful freshness and lack of affectation to all these trio sonatas,playing in a vivacious style,with quickish but not hurried tempi,that makes it very clear that they are enjoying themselves. Their pleasure in the music is infectious... As to Handel,there is one item out of the ordinary,the 'Oxford' Water Music - no,not written for a party on the Cherwell or the Isis,but a version from an Oxford manuscript apparently originating from Handel himself that presents parts of the Water Music in chamber-music form... This is,I believe,its first complete recording. It's refreshing to hear the music done in a much lighter and perkier way than it can be in its usual orchestral disposition..." - GRAMOPHONE, "This one is a charmer. The Brook Street Band consists,at least here,of five women. Two of them play violins,one the cello,one the oboe and the sopranino recorder,and one the harpsichord and the chamber organ. The cellist,Tatty Theo,founded and evidently directs the group,and it is in her edition that we are given three suites