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Flying Kites: A Trafford Miscellany

Flying Kites: A Trafford Miscellany

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Richard Baker (reciter), John Turner (recorder), Keith Swallow (piano), Damien Harron (percussion)

Sasha Johnson MANNING (b.1963) Flying Kites for recorder and piano ;Robert ELLIOTT (1932-2002) Piano Sonatina op. 2 ;Robin WALKER (b.1953) Four Nursery Rhymes to texts by Thomas Pitfield for reciter, recorder and piano (2003) ;Thomas PITFIELD (1903-1999) Xylophone Sonata; The Skeleton Bride for reciter and piano [3:10]; Rain for reciter, xylophone and piano; Bones for reciter and xylophone; Bagatelle No. 3 for piano [1:55]David BECK (b.1941) A Dunham Pastoral for recorder and piano; John IRELAND (1879-1962) The Island Spell for piano (1912) [3:28]; Annabel Lee for reciter and piano; Martin ELLERBY (b.1957) River Dances for recorder and piano; James LANGLEY (1927-1994) Five Shakespeare Dances for recorder; Christopher COTTON (b. 1947) Rural Rondo for recorder and piano

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