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Flight of Angels: Music from the Golden Age in Spain - The Sixteen, Harry Christophers

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The Sixteen take a trip back to 16th-century Spain and more specifically to one of the biggest, richest and most cosmopolitan cities on earth - Seville. It was during this 'golden age', when arts and culture flourished, that Francisco Guerrero and Alonso Lobo made their mark. Between them these two composers captured an astonishing variety of moods within their music, from ecstasy and joy to despair, longing and devotional stillness.

Guerrero, Francisco:
Duo Seraphim
Missa Surge propera: Gloria
Laudate Dominum
Maria Magdalene
Missa de la batalla escoutez: Credo
Vexilla Regis
Missa Congratulamini mihi: Agnus Dei I
Missa Congratulamini mihi: Agnus Dei II

Lobo, A:
Missa Maria Magdalene: Kyrie
Libera me
Ave Regina caelorum
Ave Maria
Versa est in luctum

The Sixteen, Harry Christophers

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