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Fasten Seat Belts

Virtuoso Pieces for Solo Violin

Igudesman: ¡Si Señor!
Igudesman: Alla Carte
Igudesman: Applemania
Igudesman: Chill Out
Igudesman: Flamenco Fantasy
Igudesman: Funk the String
Igudesman: Funky Karobushka
Igudesman: Katyusha Variations
Igudesman: Nostalgia
Igudesman: Slow Down
Igudesman: Tango del Diabolo
Igudesman: Tango Loco

Aleksey Igudesman (violin)

What is a virtuoso? A musician with the secret to play things faster than anyone else for absolutely no reason. Of course it is a little more complex than that.

What drives a true virtuoso is partly the thrill of speed for one thing, but also having the ability to pull the audience in and make them hang onto your every note, be it fast or slow. In some pieces Igudesman has also chosen to add more modern forms of virtuosity in the form of percussive violin playing, using a so-called "chop". Additionally a few improvised multitrack numbers complete the album.

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