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Strauss: Elektra - Erna Schluter; Gusta Hammer; Ennelie Kupper; Robert Hager, Eugen Jochum (2 CDs)

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“By any standard, the Hamburg cast is at a high level. Jochum's approach is dominated by nervous rhythm and a general sense that the opera occupies a unique sound world in the composer's output. One major drawback is that the orchestra seems somewhat recessed...As historic recordings go, though, this one isn't just a valuable document, but offers plenty of pleasure; this particular incarnation of it sounds as good as any.”

Strauss, R: Elektra
(five standard cuts used)
Gusta Hammer (Clytaemnestra), Erna Schlüter (Elektra), Annelies Kupper (Chrysothemis), Peter Markwort (Aegisth) & Robert Hager (Orest)
Hamburg State Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus of Hamburg State Opera, Eugen Jochum

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