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Edward Higginbottom: The Glory Of New College Choir (8 CDs)

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For well over six hundred years now, the sixteen choristers and the clerks of the Choir of New College have sung to the glory of God in a rhythm of worship and education that has remained largely unchanged to our own day, except that their sound now reaches out across the globe. Director Edward Higginbottom brings to the interpretation of a wide repertoire the skill of an experienced choir director and the intellectual grasp of a distinguished scholar. During his time at New College, the Choir has become a world leader in performances of music stretching from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary scores.

CD 1
AGNUS DEI — Sacred Choral Music
CD 2
EARLY ONE MORNING — Folksongs and Spirituals
CD 3
NATIVITAS — A Christmas Journey
CD 4
AGNUS DEI II — Sacred Choral Music
CD 5
SANCTE DEUS — A Journey through the Renaissance
CD 6
IN EXCELSIS — English Choral Music from Taverner to Tavener
CD 7 & 8


Disc: 1
1. Agnus Dei, Op. 11 (Barber Adagio) [Excerpt] (Edward Higginbottom)
2. Fauré : Cantique de Jean Racine Op.11 (Edward Higginbottom)
3. Missa Papae Marcelli: I. Kyrie (Edward Higginbottom)
4. Ave verum corpus K618 (Edward Higginbottom)
5. Cantata No.147, 'Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben' BWV147: X "Jesu bleibet meine Freude" [Jesu, Joy o (Edward Higginbottom)
6. Vespers, Op. 37: VI. Ave Maria (Edward Higginbottom)
7. Enigma Variations, Op. 36: X. Nimrod, "Lux aeterna" (Edward Higginbottom)
8. Górecki : Totus tuus Op.60 (Edward Higginbottom)
9. Hear my Prayer (O for the Wings of a Dove) (Edward Higginbottom)
10. The Lamb (Edward Higginbottom)
11. Requiem in D minor Op.48 : VII In Paradisum (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Allegri : Miserere mei (Edward Higginbottom)

Disc: 2
1. Blow the Wind Southerly (Edward Higginbottom)
2. Early One Morning (Edward Higginbottom)
3. Londonderry Air (Edward Higginbottom)
4. The Minstrel Boy (Edward Higginbottom)
5. The Kerry Dance (Edward Higginbottom)
6. Linden Lea (Edward Higginbottom)
7. Down by the Sally Gardens (Edward Higginbottom)
8. Brigg Fair (Edward Higginbottom)
9. Loch Lomond (Edward Higginbottom)
10. O Shenandoah (Edward Higginbottom)
11. O No John! (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Sumer is icumin in (Edward Higginbottom)
13. Waly, waly (Edward Higginbottom)
14. The Skye Boat Song (Edward Higginbottom)
15. Steal Away (Edward Higginbottom)
16. Greensleeves (Edward Higginbottom)
17. The Oak and the Ash (Edward Higginbottom)
18. The Ash Grove (Edward Higginbottom)
19. My Love is like a Red, Red Rose (Edward Higginbottom)
20. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Edward Higginbottom)

Disc: 3
1. I Wonder as I Wander (Edward Higginbottom)
2. Ord / Arr Rutter : "Adam lay ybounden" (Edward Higginbottom)
3. Alma redemptoris (Edward Higginbottom)
4. The Angel Gabriel (Edward Higginbottom)
5. Ave Maria (Edward Higginbottom)
6. A Spotless Rose (Edward Higginbottom)
7. There is No Rose (Edward Higginbottom)
8. The Little Road to Bethlehem (Edward Higginbottom)
9. Once in Royal David's City (Edward Higginbottom)
10. Silent Night (Stille Nacht) (Edward Higginbottom)
11. Sing Lullaby (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Bach, JCF : Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme : Part 3 "Gloria sei dir gesungen" (Edward Higginbottom)
13. "O magnum mysterium" (Edward Higginbottom)
14. In Dulci Jubilo (Edward Higginbottom)
15. O Jesulein Süss (Edward Higginbottom)
16. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night (Edward Higginbottom)
17. Poulenc : Quem vidistis pastores (Edward Higginbottom)
18. Trad / Arr Shaw : "Shepherds shake off your drowsy sleep" (Edward Higginbottom)
19. Adeste Fideles [O Come All Ye Faithful] (Edward Higginbottom)
20. Poulenc : Videntes stellam (Edward Higginbottom)
21. Rocking Carol (Edward Higginbottom)
22. Howells : "Here is the little door" (Edward Higginbottom)
23. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Edward Higginbottom)

Disc: 4
1. The Beatitudes (Adagio) (Edward Higginbottom)
2. Geistliches Lied Op.30 (Edward Higginbottom)
3. Martin : Mass : V Agnus Dei (Edward Higginbottom)
4. Ave verum corpus (Edward Higginbottom)
5. Fauré : Requiem Op.48 : VI Libera me (Edward Higginbottom)
6. Fauré : Ave verum corpus Op.65 No.1 (Edward Higginbottom)
7. Bizet : L'Arlésienne Suite No.2 : Agnus Dei [Intermezzo] (Edward Higginbottom)
8. Gott ist mein Hirt D706 (Edward Higginbottom)
9. Crucifixus a 8 (Edward Higginbottom)
10. Beatus vir (Edward Higginbottom)
11. Christus factus est (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Requiem, Op. 48: IV Pie Jesu (Edward Higginbottom)
13. Hear my prayer, O Lord (Edward Higginbottom)
14. St. John Passion BWV245 : Part 2 "Ruht wohl" (Edward Higginbottom)

Disc: 5
1. "Sante Deus" (Edward Higginbottom)
2. "Spem in alium" (Edward Higginbottom)
3. "Videntes stellam" (Edward Higginbottom)
4. "Ave Maria" (Edward Higginbottom)
5. "Beata es Virgo Maria" (Edward Higginbottom)
6. "Lugebat David" (Edward Higginbottom)
7. "Gloria" (Edward Higginbottom)
8. "Versa est in luctum" (Edward Higginbottom)
9. "Inviolata" (Edward Higginbottom)
10. "Quid hic statis" (Edward Higginbottom)
11. "Resonet in laudibus" (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Missa Brevis : "Agnus Dei" (Edward Higginbottom)

Disc: 6
1. Giles Swayne : Magnificat (Edward Higginbottom)
2. Richard Pygott : Quid petis, o fili? (Edward Higginbottom)
3. John Tavener (b.1944) : The Lamb (Edward Higginbottom)
4. Jonathan Harvey : Come, Holy Ghost (Edward Higginbottom)
5. John Taverner (1490-1545) : Mass 'Western Wynde' : Gloria (Edward Higginbottom)
6. John Tavener (b.1944) : A Hymn to the Mother of God (Edward Higginbottom)
7. Nicholas Ludford : Ave cuius conceptio (Edward Higginbottom)
8. William Cornysh : Woefully arrayed (Edward Higginbottom)
9. Jonathan Harvey : I love the Lord (Edward Higginbottom)
10. Libera nos (Edward Higginbottom)
11. John Tavener (b.1944) : God is with us (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Thomas Tallis : Audivi, media nocte (Edward Higginbottom)
13. John Tavener (b.1944) : The Tyger (Edward Higginbottom)

Disc: 7
1. Domine ad adjuvandum : Domine ad adjuvandum (Edward Higginbottom)
2. Domine ad adjuvandum : Gloria (Edward Higginbottom)
3. Domine ad adjuvandum : Sicut erat (Edward Higginbottom)
4. Domine ad adjuvandum : Alleluja (Edward Higginbottom)
5. Dixit Dominus : Dixit Dominus (Edward Higginbottom)
6. Dixit Dominus : Virgam virtutis (Edward Higginbottom)
7. Dixit Dominus : Dominare (Edward Higginbottom)
8. Dixit Dominus : Tecum principium (Edward Higginbottom)
9. Dixit Dominus : Juravit Domine (Edward Higginbottom)
10. Dixit Dominus : Dominus a dextris tuis (Edward Higginbottom)
11. Dixit Dominus : Gloria (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Dixit Dominus : Sicut erat in principio (Edward Higginbottom)
13. Sonata di Violino e Basso : Largo (Edward Higginbottom)
14. Sonata di Violino e Basso : Allegro (Edward Higginbottom)
15. Confitebor : Confitebor (Edward Higginbottom)
16. Confitebor : Confessio (Edward Higginbottom)
17. Confitebor : Fidelia (Edward Higginbottom)
18. Confitebor : Redemptionem (Edward Higginbottom)
19. Confitebor : Sanctum et terribile (Edward Higginbottom)
20. Confitebor : Gloria (Edward Higginbottom)
21. Confitebor : Sicut Erat (Edward Higginbottom)
22. Sonata di Violino e Basso : Largo (Edward Higginbottom)
23. Sonata di Violino e Basso : Spiritoso (Edward Higginbottom)
24. Laudate Pueri : Laudate Pueri (Edward Higginbottom)
25. Laudate Pueri : A solis irtu (Edward Higginbottom)
26. Laudate Pueri : Excelsus super omnes (Edward Higginbottom)
27. Laudate Pueri : Quis, quis sicut Dominus (Edward Higginbottom)
28. Laudate Pueri : Suscitans a terra (Edward Higginbottom)
29. Laudate Pueri : Gloria (Edward Higginbottom)
30. Laudate Pueri : Sicut erat in principio (Edward Higginbottom)

Disc: 8
1. Lucis Creator optime (Edward Higginbottom)
2. Sonata : Comodo (Edward Higginbottom)
3. Sonata : Allegro (Edward Higginbottom)
4. Magnificat : Magnificat (Edward Higginbottom)
5. Magnificat : Qui a fecit mihi (Edward Higginbottom)
6. Magnificat : Suscepit Israel (Edward Higginbottom)
7. Magnificat : Gloria (Edward Higginbottom)
8. Sonata : Adagio (Edward Higginbottom)
9. Sonata : Presto (Edward Higginbottom)
10. Salve Regina : Salve Regina (Edward Higginbottom)
11. Salve Regina : Ad te clamamus (Edward Higginbottom)
12. Salve Regina : Ad te suspiramus (Edward Higginbottom)
13. Salve Regina : Eia ergo (Edward Higginbottom)
14. Salve Regina : Et Jesum (Edward Higginbottom)
15. Salve Regina : O Clemens, o pia (Edward Higginbottom)
16. Ora pro nobis : Ut digni effciamur promissionibus Christ....... (Edward Higginbottom)
17. Amen (Edward Higginbottom)
18. Sonata : Allegro (Edward Higginbottom)

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