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Dvorak: Theme & Variations; Poetic Tone Pictures - Radoslav Kvapil

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Kvapil plays with great understanding. He cherishes these curious, reflective tonal sideslips, but also charges vigorously into the more energetic variations. His ability to characterize swiftly and surely is very necessary, as it is in a different manner in the Poetic Tone Pictures…he is deft and sensitive with them, and the recording is no less sensitive to the varying textural demands of such pieces”

Tema Con Variazione (Op.36) [B.65] [1] Tema, tempo di minuetto 15.15 (Variations I to VIII) Poetické Nálady (Poetic Tone Pictures) (Op.85) [ B.161] [2] No.I No?ní cestou (On the Road at Night) 5:31 [3] No.2 žertem (Toying) 4:17 [4] No.3 Na starém hrad? (At the Old Castle) 4:06 [5] No.4 Jarní (Spring Song) 3.57 [6] No.5 Selská balada (Peasant’s Ballad) 3:40 [7] No.6 Vzpomínání (Reverie) 4:03 [8] No.7 Furiant 2:53 [9] No.8 Rej sk?ítk? (Goblin’s Dance) 3:12 [10] No.9 Serenáda (Serenade) 4:25 [11] No.10 Bakchanale (Bacchanale) 4:27 [12] No.11 Na tá?kách (Tittle-tattle) 4:01 [13] No.12 U mohyly (At a Hero’s Grave) 5:10 [14] No.13 Na svaté ho?e (At Svatá Hora) 2:44

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