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Der Stein der Weisen (The Philosopher's Stone) - Martin Pearlman, Boston Baroque (2 CDs)

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What this is not is a previously unknown opera by Mozart; what it is, is a sheer delight, a pastiche by several composers, including Mozart, performed in 1790 at the same theatre and by the same company that, in the following year, presented Mozart's Die Zauberflöte. In fact, Mozart's contribution to The Philospher's Stone is limited to about five minutes of music, but his spirit pervades. This premiere recording includes a bonus CD with a discussion of the piece as well as musical illustrations. Textually, almost every character in Magic Flute has a parallel in this work: Papageno and Papagena are here Lubano and Lubanara, for example, and musically they are eerily alike as well. The world is one of fairy tale and alchemy. It never plumbs the depths of Mozart's late works, but there's joyously good music to latch onto nonetheless. The entire cast is good, with special kudos going to Paul Austin Kelly, who sings tenor music that is difficult enough and chock full of coloratura to match the Queen of the Night's acrobatics. If the entire score is without extra-special brilliance, at least what we get is top-level, very-late-18th-century generic music--sort of like Salieri and company mixed with Mozart. And this definitive performance, on period instruments led by Martin Pearlman, will please everyone. Mozart, not quite; necessary, absolutely. --Robert Levine

Disc: 1
1. Overture
2. Introduction: 'Ihr Madchen! Ihr Junglinge!'
3. Dialogue
4. Aria; 'Alle Wetter! O Ihr Gotter!'
5. Dialogue
6. Aria; 'So Ein Schones Weibchen'
7. Dialogue
8. Chorus And Solo; 'Welch Reizende Musik'
9. Dialogue
10. Duet; 'Tralleralara! Tralleralla!'
11. Dialogue
12. Recitativ; 'Das Wirst Du Nie'
13. Dialogue
14. Chorus And Solo; 'Seht Doch! Mit Gold'nem Geweih'
15. Dialogue
16. Aria; 'Ein Madchen, Die Von Liebe Heiss'
17. Dialogue
18. Recitative; 'Das Wirst Du Nie' - Aria: Welch Fremde Stimme Horte Ich?
19. Finale; 'Wohin Nadine'
20. 'O Leibster Vater'
21. 'Seht Doch! Mit Gold'nem Geweih'
22. 'Ihr Freunde, Ihr Madchen'
23. 'Erhebet Eure Haupter'
24. 'Wut Und Verzweiflung'
25. 'Ich Muss Nadin E Eilig Nach'
26. 'So Kommt Denn, Ohne Zu Verweilen'

Disc: 2
1. Overture
2. Chorus With Solo And Recitative: 'Ach, Astromonte
3. Dialogue
4. Aria; 'Den Madchen Trauet Nicht Zu Viel'
5. Dialogue
6. Marsch
7. Dialogue
8. Duet; 'Nun, Liebes Weibchen'
9. Dialogue
10. Aria; 'Nadir, Du siegst'
11. Dialogue
12. Aria; 'Ihr Gutigen Gotter'
13. Dialogue
14. Chorus; 'Astromont' Stirbt Durch Uns'
15. Dialogue
16. Arie; 'Die Lieb Ist Wohl Ein Narrisch Ding'
17. Dialogue
18. Aria; 'Mein Einziger, Liebster Nadir!'
19. Dialogue
20. Finale; 'Miau! Miau!'
21. 'Fuhl Meine Macht'
22. 'O Astromonte Hore Mich!'
23. 'Jungling, Nadine Ist Tot'
24. 'Fort, Armer Jungling'
25. 'Du Schwarzer Teuful'
26. 'Nadir, Ermord' Erst Diesen Hier'
27. 'Nadir! Nadir, Der Sieg Ist Dein'
28. 'Herr Astromonte, Wir Danken Euch'