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Clementi: Sonatas for fortepiano (complete)
Costantino Mastroprimiano (fortepiano)

The first complete set of Clementi’s keyboard sonatas played on a period instrument.

An amazing collection of keyboard works by “The Father of the Pianoforte” Muzio Clementi. His music is full of wit, elegance, budding romantic emotions, brilliance and a spectacular display of virtuosity. As a teacher and pianist himself Clementi developed the piano technique in a revolutionary way, paving the way for later keyboard giants Mendelssohn, Chopin and Liszt.

Maestro Costantino Mastroprimiano has a keen feeling for the classical/early romantic style, humor and plenty of technique to spare, to do justice to these delightful and still unjustly neglected works.

Several magnificent historical instruments are used, from the famous collection of Edwin Beunk.

Extensive linernotes written by specialists.

Known as the ‘father of the pianoforte’, Muzio Clementi (1752–1832) played an incomparable role in the development of both piano repertoire and the instrument itself. As a composer and virtuoso pianist, his sonatas spanned the transition from Scarlatti’s keyboard style to the beginnings of the Romantic period; as a publisher and manufacturer, he was responsible for a number of developments to piano performance and construction.

This 18-disc collection of Clementi’s complete piano sonatas explores the development of his distinctive style and spans his entire career, from childhood to maturity. The composer’s deep affinity for the piano is particularly clear: in his mature works, he drew on elements of Scarlatti and Haydn’s keyboard music and blended them with striking virtuosity and flowing melodies, crafting supremely expressive music that made full use of developing fortepiano technology.

As Clementi’s activities in music publishing and piano manufacturing increased, his piano writing also matured, and later works display greater harmonic and structural experimentation. Clementi’s innovations are explored in this set by the critically acclaimed pianist Costantino Mastroprimiano, whose performances bring to life the composer’s captivating music as it would have been heard during his lifetime. This collection is the first opportunity for listeners to hear Clementi’s complete sonatas played on original fortepianos, and is an essential addition to any piano enthusiast’s collection.

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