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Brilliance, fluency, clarity and extraordinary communicative powers – Mozart seems to have had them all. Little wonder he was hailed as the finest pianist of his generation – even rivals such as Clementi commented ‘I had never heard anyone play with so much spirit and grace…’ Of course we have no idea how Mozart the pianist sounded. We have the reviews and comments of those who heard him perform, and we have the instruments of his time. These do take us some way to understanding performance practice of the day, and the limitations of the instruments, and how composers of the late 18th century worked to test the instruments, and make greater demands upon the constantly evolving pianoforte.

On these 14 CDs, everything Mozart wrote for solo keyboard, or for 4-hands is here, from small works written down by his incredulous father Leopold when his son as just 5 years old, to the works of the child prodigy through to the masterpieces of the mature genius.

There is much that is well known here, but interestingly there are several first recordings. All the works are played on pianofortes of the period.

Extensive booklet notes on an accompanying CD-ROM.

Includes world premiere recordings.

First complete cycle using instruments of the period.

Piano Sonatas 1-18 (complete)
Fantasia in D minor, K397
Fantasia in C minor, K396
Fantasia in C minor, K475
Adagio in B minor, K540
Variations (9) in C major on a theme by Nicolas Dezede ‘Lison dormait' K264
Zwölf Variationen in Es-Dur über das französische Lied 'La belle Francoise' K353 (300f)
Zwölf Variationen in Es-Dur, K354 (299a) über die Romanze 'Je suis Lindor' aus der Komödie 'Le Barbier de Seville' (Antoine-Laurent Baudron)
Acht Variationen in F-Dur über das Chorstück 'Dieu d'amour' (Grétry-Variationen) K352 (374c)
Sechs Variationen in F-Dur über die Arie 'Salve tu, Domine' aus der Oper I filosofi immaginarii (Giovanni Paisiello) K398 (416e)
Variations (6) in A from the Clarinet Quintet, K581/KAnh137
Variations (10) in G major on Gluck's 'Unser dummer Pöbel meint', K455
Zwölf Variationen in B-Dur über ein Allegretto, K500
Variations (9) in D on a Menuet by Duport, K573
Acht Variationen in F-Dur, K613 ("Ein Weib ist das herrlichste Ding")
Rondo in D major, K485
Rondo in A minor, K511
Zwölf Variationen in C-Dur über ein Menuett von Johann Christian Fischer K179 (189a)
Sechs Variationen in G-Dur, K180 ("Mio caro Adone")
Theme ('Come un'agnello' from Sarti's Fra i due litiganti) and Two Variations in A-Dur, K460
Variations (12) on ‘Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman' in C major, K265
Menuets (8), K315a (315g)
irst recording on fortepiano
German Dances (6), K509
first recording on fortepiano
Fantasia (Prelude) & Fugue in C major, K394
Suite in C major, K399
Gigue in G Major, K574
Kleiner Trauermarsch in c-moll: 'Marche funebre del Sig.r Maestro Contrapunto', K453a
Prelude in F minor, KV. Anh. 32 (1789)
first recording
Zwei Versetten K154a
first recording
Die Entführung aus dem Serail, K384: Overture
Adagio in F major, KV. Anh. A65
Modulating Prelude, KV. 624
Adagio in C major, K356
Variations (6) in F on an Allegretto, K54
March in C major, K408a (K383e)
Minuet in D major, K355
Andante in F major, K616
Contredanse in D, K534 'Das Donnerwetter'
Capriccio in C major, KV. 395
Allegro einer Sonate K312
Andantino in E flat major, K236 (K588b)
Allegro in B flat major ("Sophie and Constanze"), K400
Variationen (8) in G-Dur, K24 ('Laat ons Juichen, Batavieren!')
Andante in C major, K1a
Allegro in C major, K1b
Sieben Variationen in D, K25 über das holländische Lied "Willem van Nassau"
Ballet from 'Ascanio in Alba' K111
Sonata for Piano duet in C Major, K19d
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)
Fantasia in F minor for a mechanical organ, K608
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)
Andante and Variations in G for Piano Duet, K501
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)
Sonata for Piano duet in C major, K521
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)
Sonata for Piano duet in B flat major, K358
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)
Fantasia in F minor for a mechanical organ, K594
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)
Fugue for 2 Pianos (K426)
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)
Sonata for 2 pianos in D major, K448
with Ursula Dutschler (piano)

- Allegro del Sgr.
- Wolfgango Mozart 11ten Decembris 1761 in F, KV.1c
- Menuetto del Sgr. Wolfgango Mozart 16to Decembris 1761 in F, KV.1d
- Minuet and Trio in G, KV.1 1e/f
- Minuet in F, KV.2
- Allegro in B flat major, KV.3
- Minuet in F, KV.4
- Minuet in F, KV.5
- Allegro in C, KV.9a
- Klavierstück in F, KV.33B
- Minuet in D, KV.61g II
- Klavierstück in B flat major, KV.Deest (first recording)
- London Sketchbook, KV.15 (first recording on fortepiano)
- Ballet music from Ascanio in Alba, KV.111 (known as Nine Pieces for Piano, KV.Anh. 207) (first recording)
Bart Van Oort (piano)