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 A rare treat: no less than 7 CDs with instrumental chamber music by Henry Purcell. In spite of his past and present international fame too little attention has been paid to this part of his oeuvre. This collection offers a great variety: from ‘the Staircase overture’ to voluntaries for organ.

Henry Purcell’s present fame is mainly based on some dramatic works. Dido and Aeneas -, his anthems and numerous songs. In his relatively short life he managed to compose in every genre usual at the time. Well hidden among a vast amount of vocal music lies a relatively small collection of chamber music pieces. Together with Handel Henry Purcell was and is England’s most important baroque composer. He was also an organist and as such left behind remarkable little for his instrument. Pieter-Jan Belder - the keyboard player who also recorded the complete Scarlatti sonatas - combined this with Purcell’s varied music for harpsichord, which includes eight suites. Here (together with) his ensemble Musica Amphion (he) also performs the bulk of Purcell’s chamber music: listen and enjoy.

Musica Amphion
Rémy Baudet (violin), Sayuri Yamagata (violin), Elisabeth Ingenhousz (violin) Rainer Zipperling (viola da gamba), Johannes Boer (viola da gamba), Nanneke Schaap (viola da gamba), Ricardo Rodriguez (viola da gamba), Nicholas Milne (viola da gamba), Frank Wakelkamp (viola da gamba)
Pieter-Jan Belder (harpsichord & organ)

Twelve Sonatas of three parts (1683)
Ten Sonatas in Four Parts (1697)
Overture in G major Z336
Pavan for Three Violins and Bass in G minor - Z752
Chacony in G minor - for Two Violins, Viola and Bass Z730
Sonata for Trumpet and Strings in D major, Z850
Pavan in A major for two violins and bass, Z748
Suite in G major, Z 770
Fantasia: three parts on a ground, for three recorders & b.c
Overture in D minor for two violins, viola & b.c.
Pavan in B flat major, Z750
Prelude for recorder in D minor
Sonata for violin & b.c. in G minor
The Staircase Overture, Z614
Trumpet Tune in C major, ZT 678, called the Cibell
Pavan in A minor for two violins and bass, Z749
Overture in G minor for two violins, two violas & b.c.
Pavan in G minor for two violins and bass, Z751
Fantasias for Strings
Six-Part In Nomine in G minor, Z746
Seven-Part In Nomine, Z. 747, "Dorian"
Suites (8) for harpsichord
From 20 keyboard pieces (ed. Davitt Moroney) - Suite in C Works for organ
Suite in C major, Z 665
and works for organ and harpsichord

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