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COMPAGNEY, LAUTTEN: Songs Of The English Cavalier-Robie Van Rensburg, Tenor

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Flow my teares' - a whole generation identified with this infinitely melancholic song and 'flow, my tears, well up from your source!' became an attitude to life at the turn of the 16th to 17th century. The song, with its fascinatingly resigned melody, had quite obviously put its finger on the pulse of the age. The lute song, developed as a new form together with the establishment of the bourgeoisie in England - and the accompanying search for new cultural practices - took on a symbolic character with its own claim to being entertainment. An interesting and varied cross-section from 100 years of English music has been put together here, with works by Dowland, Hume, Campion, Byrd, H. and W. Lawes, Blow and Purcell, a cross-section of the most famous lute songs from the "Golden Age".

Track Listing
1. Fine knacks for Ladies
2. What if I never speed?
3. Fortune my foe
4. Flow my tears
5. My hope is revived
6. Never weather-beaten sail
7. Thrice tosse these oaken ashes
8. The woods so wild
9. Can she excuse my wrongs?
10. Shall I strive with words to move?
11. Were every thought an eye
12. oh now I needs must part Now
13. The rose (go lovely rose)
14. Coridon to his Phillis (Come lovely Phillis)
15. Inconstancie in woman (I am confirm'd a woman can)
16. you do me wrong) Love despis'd (In love? Away
17. The execllency of wine
18. Harp Consort No. 1: Almain
19. Harp Consort No. 1: Corant
20. Harp Consort No. 1: Saraband
21. Flavia Why
22. The self banished
23. Tell me no more
24. I attempt from love's sickness
25. Chaconne - dance for a Chinese man and woman
26. Hark! the ech'ing air a triumph sings

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