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Bella Fiamma Del Mio Cor - Concerto Con Voce

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Saxony’s Court Orchestra was for many years the working sphere of influential composers known far beyond its borders. Maria Antonia Walpurgis, wife of Friedrich Christian Elector of Saxony, was especially active during the years of her regency with generous and skilful sponsoring of the arts and artists. Works by Ferrandini, her teacher for composition, harpsichord and singing, or Porpora (teacher of Carlo Broschi, the castrato better known as Farinelli), whom she engaged as a second singing teacher at the Dresden Court, convey a lively impression of those times.

In questo core
Naumann, J G:
Sonate F-Dur per il Cembalo
Non hò vita, Hò viva morte
Tu ten vai
Barbara Christina Steude (soprano) & Jan Katzschke (harpsichord)
Concerto Con Voce

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