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Disc: 1

Music for Strings, Percussion and Orchestra - BBC Symphony Orchestra
1. I. Andante Tranquillo - BBC Symphony Orchestra
2. II. Allegro - BBC Symphony Orchestra
3. III. Adagio - BBC Symphony Orchestra
4. IV. Allegro Molto - BBC Symphony Orchestra

Concerto for Orchestra - New York Philharmonic

5. I. Introduzione - New York Philharmonic
6. II. Giuoco Delle Coppie - New York Philharmonic
7. III. Elegia - New York Philharmonic
8. IV. Intermezzo Interrotto - New York Philharmonic
9. V. Finale - New York Philharmonic

Disc: 2

4 Orchestral Pieces - New York Philharmonic
1. I. Preludio
2. II. Scherzo
3. III. Intermezzo
4. IV. Marcia Funebre

3 Village Scenes
5. Wedding - Camerata Singers, Pierre Boulez, New York Philharmonic Orchestra
6. Lullaby - Camerata Singers, Pierre Boulez, New York Philharmonic Orchestra
7. Lad's Dance - Camerata Singers, Pierre Boulez, New York Philharmonic Orchestra

The Miraculous Mandarin - Schola Cantorum, New York Philharmonic
8. Vorspiel
9. Vorhang
10. 1. Lockspiel
11. 2. Lockspiel
12. 3. Lockspiel
13. Allgemeine Bestürzung
14. Das Mädchen Ist Unschlüssig
15. Das Mädchen Sinkt Dem Mandarin in Den Schoß
16. Die Strolche Springen Hervor,
17. Plötzlich Erscheint Der Kopf Des Mandarins
18. Die Erschrockenen Strolche Beraten Aufs Neue
19. Die Lampe FÄLLT Zur Erde, Erlischt

Disc: 3

The Wooden Prince
1. {Introduction} Molto Moderato
2. First Dance: Dance of the Princess in the Forest. Molto Moderato
3. Allegro - Second Dance: Dance of the Trees. Assai Moderato
4. Third Dance: Dance of the Waves. Andante
5. The Princess Notices the Staff with the Golden Locks. Allegretto
6. Fourth Dance: Dance of the Princess Withthe Wooden Doll. Allegro
7. Great Apotheosis: Homage of the Trees, Water and Flowers. Piu Sostenuto
8. Fifth Dance: The Princess in Her Endeavourto Make the Wooden Prince Dance, Pulls & Pushes Him About. Meno Mosso (Subito)
9. Sixth Dance: She Tries to Attract the Real Prince with Her Seductive Dancing. Allegretto
10. Seventh Dance: Dismayed, the Princess Attempts to Hurry After the Prince, But the Forest Bars Her Way. Moderato
11. Slow Curtain. a Tempo

Disc: 4

Bluebeard's Castle - BBC Symphony Orchestra
1. "Megerkeztunk" (Here We Are Now)
2. "Ez a Kekszakaliu Vara" (Is This Really Bluebeard's Castle)
3. "Nagy Csukott Ajtokat Latok" (Ah, I See Seven Great Shut Doorways)
4. The First Door "Jaj!" - "Mit Latsz?" (Woe!" - "What Seest Thou?")
5. The Second Door "Mit Latsz?" (What Seest Thou?)
6. The Third Door "Oh, Be Sok Kincs" (Mountains of Gold)
7. The Fourth Door "Oh! Viragok!" (Ah! What Lovely Flowers!)
8. The Fifth Door "Ah!" - "Lasd Ez Az en Birodalmam (Ah! - Now Behold My Spacious Kingdom)
9. The Sixth Door "Csendes Feher Tavat Latok" (I Can See a Sheet of Water)
10. "Mondd Meg Nekem Kekszakaliu" (Tell Me, Tell Me My Dearest Bluebeard)
11. The Seventh Door "Lasd a Regi Asszonyokat" (Hearts That I Have Loved and Cherished)
12. "Hajnalban Az Elsot Leltem" (The First I Found at Daybreak)

Dance Suite 
13. I. Moderato - New York Philharmonic
14. II. Allegro Molto - New York Philharmonic
15. III. Allegro Vivace - New York Philharmonic
16. IV. Molto Tranquillo - New York Philharmonic
17. V. Comodo - New York Philharmonic
18. Finale. Allegro - New York Philharmonic

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