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Bach: Mass in B Minor - Robert Shaw Chorale and Orchestra (2 CDs)

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Vocalists: Sara Mae Endich (Soprano), Adele Addison (Soprano), Florence Kopleff (Alto), Mallory Walker (Tenor), Ara Berberian (Bass)

I first heard this recording while in high school in the 1960s; it was an epiphany for me; and in spite of the now almost old-hat concept of performing the music of Bach and his contemporaries on period instruments, this modern-instrument version remains potent and vital from first note to last. Some of Shaw's tempos may seem a bit lugubrious to those of you who have been reared on the period-instrument recordings that have been made available in the intervening years, but remember that Shaw was a product of a different era before casting aspersions upon Shaw for his performance or me for my Classical Hall of Fame choice. Frankly, I like my Bach-and anything I listen to-performed musically, and that's all I care about. I have heard wretched performances on both modern and period instruments, and the bottom line is this: it's not the medium, but the message that's paramount...Now over four-and-a-half decades old, these sessions from my youth will never wear thin with me, and they shouldn't with any music-lover who has an open mind. This CD re-mastering hit the market when the curtain was falling on the 20th century, and even though those days have passed into history, the glory that was associated with Robert Shaw and his ensembles will never be forgotten by those of us old enough to recall his work. Neither will it be encroached upon nor will it ever dim in our memory. FANFARE