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EDDY ARNOLD (4CD SET): Seven Classic Albums + Bonus Tracks - Digitally Remastered

EDDY ARNOLD (4CD SET): Seven Classic Albums + Bonus Tracks - Digitally Remastered

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CD 1
1: that wonderful mother of mine
2: mother (a word that means the world to me)
3: bring your roses to her now
4: i wish i had a girl like you, mother
5: i wouldn't trade the silver in my mother's hair
6: my mother's sweet voice
7: evil tempt me not
8: the lily of the valley
9: beautiful isle of somewhere
10: when jesus beckons me home
11: in the hills of tomorrow
12: softly and tenderly
13: white azaleas
14: when my blue moon turns to gold again
15: when you and i were young, maggie
16: roll along kentucky moon
17: a sinner's prayer
18: that little boy of mine
CD 2
1: When it's round-up time in heaven
2: The chapel on the hill
3: 'twas the dawn of a beautiful day
4: Prayer
5: Today (evening song)
6: Robe of calvary
7: I called on the master
8: The touch of god's hand
9: Moonlight and roses
10: The missouri waltz
11: I'm gonna lock my heart (and throw away the key)
12: You always hurt the one you love
13: I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes
14: It makes no difference now
15: I'm waiting for ships that never come in
16: I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
17: When your hair has turned to silver
18: Angry
19: The prisoner's song
20: Seven years with the wrong woman
CD 3
1: wanderin'
2: the rovin' gambler
3: the lonesome road
4: down in the valley
5: barbara allen
6: on top of old smokey
7: i gave my love a cherry
8: the wayfaring stranger
9: across the wide missouri
10: careless love
11: red river valley
12: sometimes i feel like a motherless child
13: sweet betsy from pike
14: home on the range
15: his hands
16: it took a miracle
17: it is no secret (what god can do)
18: crying in the chapel
CD 4
1: Bouquet of roses
2: It's a sin
3: That's how much i love you
4: Don't rob another man's castle
5: Rockin' alone (in an old rockin' chair)
6: Molly darling
7: I'll hold you in my heart
8: A heart full of love (for a handful of kisses)
9: Anytime
10: Texarkana baby
11: Will the circle be unbroken
12: Who at my door is standing
13: What is life without love
14: Little angel with the dirty fave
15: Cuddle buggin' baby
16: The lovebug itch
17: There's been a change in me
18: Kentucky waltz
19: I wanna play house with you
20: Somebody's been beatin' my time
21: Bundle of southern sunshine
22: Easy on the eyes

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