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Globalisation, ease of travel, and 24-hour media showing the Earth’s remotest corners has proved that the world is indeed small. In some way it has also made us protective of our local heritage, drawing the culture of one’s home country into sharper focus. This world music series shows the musical side of the phenomenon. This exciting set of discs, featuring some of the best musicians in the world, contains carefully chosen music in compilations possessing a natural musical flow. None of the musicians play electric instruments, giving the music a fabulous authentic feel, and many performances are live, allowing the local atmosphere to come sparkling through. The box set contains the six discs in the series: Brazil (COR16058), China (COR16061), Ireland (COR16063), Persia (COR16065), Flamenco (COR16068) and India (COR16070).

Brazil (COR16058)

This disc presents Brazilian music from the nineteenth century up to the end of the twentieth. It shows the inventiveness and vibrancy of musicians and composers in absorbing styles from overseas before incorporating them into something now instantly recognisable as Brazilian. Bossa-nova, Choro, Frevo, Forró, Samba. Features: Oficina de Cordas, João do Pife, Camarão, Fred Dantas, Ailton Reiner & Andréa Daltro,

China (COR16061)

This fascinating disc of music from China presents classical repertoire led by four exponents of different traditions. Features: Lin Youren, Wu Man, Li Jinwen, and Xuan Ke.

“This compilation features some sublime music” **** SONGLINES

Ireland (COR16063)

This album presents Irish music at its best, featuring some of the most respected musicians in their field playing fiddle, flute, pipes, uillean pipes, piano accordion, button accordion, melodeon, and concertina. Features: Eileen Ivers, Séamus Egan, Jimmy Keane, Natalie MacMaster, Tommy Peoples & Máiréad Ní Mhaonaigh

Persia (COR16065)

This is a fascinating disc of music from the rich and ancient culture of Persia. The differing traditions of Classical and folk music are represented here, played on the ney and the sorna as well as sung. Features: Hossein ‘Omoumi, Shahmirza Moradi and Simâ Binâ.

Flamenco (COR16068)

This disc, which contains live and studio performances, captures differing styles of flamenco through some of the most important names in the genre. Features: Paco Peña, Diego el Cigala (Dieguito), Manolo Domínguez the Losada brothers, and Paco del Gastor.

“If you have no Peña - or even Flamenco - in your world music collection, this is one to try.” SONGLINES

India (COR16070)

This disc presents the two geographically split styles, Hindustani and Carnatic, performed by some of the most revered gurus of today. Features: Girija Devi, Dr. L. Subramanian, Imrat Khan, Hariprasad Chaurasia

“Given that a comprehensive introduction to Indian music, covering both Hindustani and Karnatic music, is pretty much impossible to do on a single CD, this disc makes a much better fist of it than most, and gives us a particularly fine array of performers.” **** SONGLINES