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A Golden Treasury Of Ancient Instruments

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An incredible array of wind, keyboard, brass & string instruments from mediaeval, renaissance & baroque times: pipe & tabor, shawms, rauschpfeifen, bombarde, crumhorns, recorders, renaissance flutes, chalumeau, early trumpets, clarinets, oboe & bassoon, dulzian, smallpipes, racket, virginal, spinet, clavichord, harpsichord, regal, cornett, busine, sackbut, serpent, hurdy-gurdy, vielle, rebec, viols, lute,vihuela, renaissance guitar, cittern, gittern, chitaronne, theorbo, arch cittern, mediaeval harp, gothic harp and double harp.

Under & Over / Roowe Well Ye Mariners
La Quinte Estampie Real
An Dro Nevez
Variations on "Les Folies d'Espagne"
En Natus est Emanuel
Crimson Velvet
She Moves Through the Fair
Minuet K439b
Sonata I
Sonata in C
Seven Joys of Mary
In Dulci Jubilo
A Toye
Almand in G
Prelude in E
Sonata No. 7: Presto
Gathering Peascods
La Shy Myze
Tuba Gallicalis
Quene Note
Brando detto il Rucellai
L'Hom Armé
Foresters, Sound the Cheerful Horn
Il Pastor Fido
Sire Cuens, J'ai Vielé
The English Dance
Solfaing Song à 5
In Nomine
Fantasia del Quarto Tono
Lady Nevils Delight Medley
English Dance
Godere e Tacere
Mr Lane's Minuet
L'autrier Pastoure Seoit
Mein Fleiss und Müeh
Parite Sopra Fidele